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Historical Overview.

The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is a low desert plain with an area of approximately 778,500 sq km. and has common borders with Kuwait in the north, Qatar and Bahrain in the East and UAE and Oman in the South. Evidence of early settlement of the Eastern Province can be traced back approximately 5000 years, to the influence of the Ubaids.  Subsequently the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was influenced by the Mesopotamians, Indus Valley civilisation , Greek, Hellenistic, Persian and more recently the Ottoman cultures, which still retain a mute presence in the culture of the Eastern Province through jewelry designs, ancient stone structures and more modern statues and architectural remnants.

On the 8th May 1913 His Majesty King Abdulaziz Ibn Abdul Rehman Al Saud captured the Ottoman garrison at Al Hasa, which surrendered the following day.  King Abdulaziz subsequently recaptured Qatif and having guaranteed their safe passage deported the Ottoman Governor and occupying forces.

The modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was born and has flourished under the wise and benevolent rule of His Majesty King Abdulaziz Ibn Abdul Rehman Al Saud and his heirs.


Oil discovery operations date back to 1935 when Standard Oil of California (then SOCAL now Chevron) started to drill the Dammam No.1 well.  On the 3rd of March 1938 Dammam well No.7 struck oil at a depth of 1441m. 

His Majesty King Abdulaziz during his visit to the Eastern Province on the occasion of the loading of the first shipment of crude oil on 1st May 1939 from Ras Tanura.

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